Alexa Tomas

Alexa Tomas – Authentic Spanish Porn Hottie

Every porn fan who loves them some Spanish senoritas and who loves checking out Spanish porn already knows who the hottest and most popular Spanish porn stars are. There are so many now who have emerged from Spain and Latino countries and have made a huge effect on the world wide porn scene. It’s not hard to see why so many fans love these stars and what’s so exotic and amazing about them. Just think about those bodies and booties! Latina beauties have their own sexual energy and spicy attitudes. They are not typical and come with a whole list of attributes and advantages which makes them so attractive to men. Porn fans love the way they suck cock, dance and shake their asses and give their pappys a lap dance! These bitches know how to fuck! And not every guy likes a demure and shy girl, lots of men like women who are assertive and powerful and demand what they want. When you look at all the films these female Spanish porn stars make, you’ll see one theme and one theme only – these girls are so ot and confident that anything they do is 100% sexy!Alexa Tomas - Authentic Spanish Porn Hottie

If you haven’t really been exposed to Spanish porn and its leading ladies then we can make a recommendation of who to start with. There are so many gorgeous women we understand why it’s so difficult to know where to start from! Just looking through some of the major porn providers and some names will start popping up, and one of those name is Alexa Tomas! She is a dark and exotic beauty who loves her career choice and loves everything that she does in porn. She’s become a rally well known name when it comes to mainstream porn and only recently have fans discovered that her roots are hispanic too!

uthentic Spanish Porn HottieHair Color: Brunette

Ass Type: Small Ass

Tits Type: Natural Tits

Tits Size: Small Tits

Date of Birth: March 19, 1985

Birth Location: Valencia, Spain

Weight: 56 Kg

Height: 1.75m

From the beginning, Alexa Tomas has always known that she was addicted to and loved sex but she had never thought about or considered finding a job and working in the porno and sex business. She was only introduced to the idea after she met started dating her first serious boyfriend Joel Tomas, who had already worked in the porn industry and had lots of connections and contacts, even though he’d only starred in movies a few time several years ago. After making her first appearance, now she can’t even think about a life or job without that intimate element that she experiences when filming because she has discovered that when people are watching her while filming is happening, she gets extremely horny and that’s why her scenes are so hot and steamy because she is genuinely turned on! She has several passions, some of them being taking care of animals, she has a few cats and a parrot. She loves sports since she has to be in shape so she loves her fitness, and she likes art and drawing, so when she’s got free time she draws erotic art and lets her mind roam free creatively. Now that’s a smart chick!

When you see on screen all you’ll want to do is say “Hola, mucho gusto” to Alexa Tomas, since she is such a hot and superfly Spanish porn slut who will make you want to jizz from all the way across the Atlantic Ocean. Who cares if she’s living in Spain and doesn’t speak English rally well. He body language is hot! She’s so spicy that you should definitely handle your shit with caution when watching her scenes online because you might just blow in your pants before you have time to whip it out. She’s around medium height, but there’s nothing medium spiced about her sex appeal and sexuality. She has a super athletic figure and devouring gaze, she has tons of fans who love her female sensual prowess when she can with just one flick of the tongue or a slip of the nip make a guy cum. Those huge B-cup tits look amazing from every angle, and that huge round jiggling ass that makes her irresistible. She’s born in Valencia, which is Spain’s third largest city on the Mediterranean coast, and is known for their big, juicy oranges and that’s exactly what Alexa is popular for, thanks to her big, juicy ass. It’s time to check out Alexa Tomas, we promise you she will leave you breathless and dick completely worn out, guaranteed