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Seducing a woman is an art. But like most arts, it is also a science. Leonardo da Vinci is considered to be one of the best artists ever to paint a human body, whether it be the famous Mona Lisa or The Last Supper. What he created was art, but how he did it was science! Did you know that he used to exhume dead bodies to steady the human anatomy? Luckily to be successful in seducing the woman of your dreams, you won’t have to go that far!

Seducing a woman is an artSeduction as an art form has been widely covered throughout Internet via books, guides, courses and articles. And so has the science of seduction and dating. However, most of these courses forget the basics. Today, we are going to cover the basics to give you a better chance of success following whatever course you have chosen!

The basics you say? They have already been covered in my book! They talk about how hormones react to eye contact, the scientific disintegration of a kiss… well that’s not what we are talking about. Rather we are looking at the bottom of all this. There are certain steps to be taken before even picking up your favorite seduction course. And unfortunately, there are no shortcuts involved. It would take you a month at the very least to be able to use the following tips and achieve results. In seduction, there are no short cuts.


Hygiene! What hygiene? I am picture perfect you say! Think again! Hygiene is not just having a brush and a bath every single day. The idea is to make your skin soft, beautiful, irresistible, and nice smelling. Even when you are sweating like a pig you should look seductive and smell good! At any given moment of the day, at any place on this Earth, you should be able to seduce any woman you want!

But why you say! Lets say you groomed yourself for the perfect evening, your perfume on, you smell like Casanova, ready to pick up a woman. You manage to do that; she comes home with you for the night. Everything goes exactly how you planned. In the morning you wake up next to her. The perfume is gone, so is the aftershave. Now you smell like you do, your natural smell. Unluckily for you, you just don’t smell good! So the girl says goodbye and you never see her again! Now this is not right, is it! Your perfume should be effective all the time or it’s useless! How about when you are trekking? Do you smell good?

There is an excellent article by Caroline Anton regarding personal hygiene called Seduce With Hygiene. You should take time and read it. The idea is not to smell good and look good for one evening, but for your entire life. Because you never know when you are going to meet the perfect woman, the woman of your dreams! And even more important, you will never loose another woman in your entire life! On top of that, it is not really that difficult either. Using a simple routine, she covers eight steps to a perfectly healthy body and skin.

First impressions may not be the last impressions, but they surely are the lasting ones. And making the first impression on any woman passing by is your body. Now you don’t want to look like Sylvester Stallone or The Rock, but that does not mean that you go around showing of your paunch! When we talk about a good body, it means a body that is looked after.

Women want to be looked after. They want to feel secure in your arms. But how do you propose to look after them if you don’t even look after your own body! Do you like driving a dented car? If you do, I have one to sell so contact me! Of course you don’t. Then why do you want a dented body? Especially since all it takes to stay in form is half hour a day and possibly an hour on Sundays? Is it really something difficult?

The basics of a trimmed body are really easy. Here is what I would suggest to any student of seduction. Get a jog every morning. Now it doesn’t have to be a 6-mile run, rather just run hard for fifteen minutes. Those simple fifteen minutes are going to change your look completely. You will have a red glow throughout the day, your skin will breath easier, your overall health would improve and more important that anything else you will have a runners ass! And boy do women dig that! After those fifteen minutes of jogging, stretch for another fifteen minutes, rendering your body flexible and trim. That’s it! Of course if you are really serious about your body, visit our Fitness and Health section for some awesome tips on building a good physique.

What according to you a woman smells when she first kisses you? No, it isn’t your cologne; rather it is your breath! So you brush your teeth and put a mouthwash and say to yourself that is good! Well dear friend, it is not! Because, remember you will be waking in the morning giving the first kiss of the day to some one whom you like. Do you really want to smell onions and garlic at that time?a woman smells when she first kisses you

The right nutrition would go long way in your quest to seduce the woman of your dreams. In fact it would go a long way in seducing any woman! Benefits of right diet are well known, so we will refrain from going to deeply into it. From a strictly seduction point of view, good nutrition means no bad breath, nicer skin, trimmer body and loads of self confidence. So the next time you force down that green salad and boiled vegetables, think of what you are gaining in return!

A perfect diet is one that is removed of extremes. You should attempt to eat a bit of everything. Vegetables, meat, fist, milk, eggs, cereals and loads of water are the basic ingredients of a good regime. The some of the things that you should avoid are onions and garlic and other strong smelling foods (like French cheese). That does not mean you can’t eat them, just don’t eat too much and prefer eating them at lunch, to allow your body to get rid of the nasty smells during the day. Restrain the amount of alcohol you have and please don’t smoke! That is probably the worst thing that you can do. Bad breath, yellow teeth, dirty cough and more bad breath are the only things a cigarette can give you.

Now what is the subject of creativity doing in ways of good living? And if you were really creative, wouldn’t you be a famous author or musician or something? Stop those thoughts right there. Creativity is not just about painting or writing or composing, it is about walking, talking and living. And you are a creative person, all of us are. The only hitch is that you are yet to develop your creativity, like most of us. You too have a hidden talent, and you too are different. If the good Lord wanted us all to be same, there wouldn’t be so many of us!

The first lesson of creativity is knowing yourself.. Stop trying to walk like Richard Gere, dress like Pierce Brosnan and talk like Robert De Niro. That isn’t you. Feel yourself, and you will feel your partner better. What do you like? What are your strong points? What do you like to read, and whether you like to read. True creativity is in knowing yourself, and once you know yourself, you will read others like an open book.

Once you know yourself, be yourself. That is the second lesson of creativity. If you like t-shirts and torn jeans don’t put on a Tuxedo. And if you like a tux, put it on if you feel like it even going to a coffee house. There is no right dress for every moment; rather there is a right dress for every man. The dress that makes you comfortable makes you feel good. So anytime you go out, take your time to choose the right dress. Then choose the right music. Listen to it once, and then keep playing it in your head. Walk to the tune, talk to the tune and laugh to the tune. Now you are the real you! And even without thinking, you are different from the millions others roaming down the street. You are out there to be noticed! You look good because you feel good. And when you feel good, you are confident.

Of course creativity doesn’t stop there. It should be an integral part of you. It should show in your language and your actions. For instance, telling jokes on a date is neither creative nor seductive. In fact it is the worst possible thing you can do! Remember, those jokes have a place, and that place is either a joke book or the coffee house where you hang out daily. Nevertheless, you can use those jokes in your conversation to add humor to it. Relate an action that you see to a joke and then laugh aloud!

Creativity is also about knowing when to speak and when to listen. Though most experts would have you believe that an ideal conversation ratio at a date is 70-30 (you listen 70% of the time and talk 30% of the time), you must ask yourself is conversation mathematics? Conversation is a medium of knowing the other person. At the ratio they tell you, you will just be asking questions and expecting answers. Any self-respecting woman hates that. Conversation is about give and take. And creativity is about saying things that would make the other person open up to you. Allow her to tell her life to you, and then you know she is yours! Then you can steer the conversation wherever you want!

Creativity is also in your actions. The moments that you choose to do certain things. If you open the door for every woman, that makes you a gentleman. If you open the door for that special woman at that special time, any no one else, that makes you special to her! When you are saying good-bye to a woman, how do you do it? This is where your creativity comes in. Feel yourself, and then feel the moment. Then do what you think is the right thing to do. Remember a kiss is common, but taking her hand in yours, and gently touching her elbow would make you an integral part of her dream tonight!

In the limited space of this article, it is impossible to cover every inch of the necessary steps of seduction. Nevertheless, the basics covered here would help you achieve success in your quests for dating and romance. As you would notice, this article does not deal with the sure fire quick fixes. For the simple reason that they just don’t work. Rather, it covers the basic steps to make you a better person from inside. The kind of person that is confident and unforgettable. I would be pleased to answer any queries regarding this article and dating and seduction in general. Please feel free to contact me at contact form.

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